Hotel Services Group, LLC

The HSG leadership team has been through the trenches in the hotel business. From Limited Service to Full Service, Mid-Scale to Spa/Resorts. We’ve mixed drinks, flipped mattresses, made beds, served breakfast, won awards, undergone PiPs, built hotels, bought and sold them. We all have our strengths, and we work collaboratively to achieve our goals. We cut as much red tape as we can and keep all communications relevant. We’re the ones who always wanted it done right, yet willing to accept responsibility when something fell through; always moving forward with a lesson learned.

OUR VISION: Where are we going?
We will guide every customer through their total experience, and leave each of them with a memorable sense of satisfaction and value. We will accomplish this by holding ourselves to the highest standards in all we say and do, and help each other to improve at every opportunity. As a team, we recognize that we own the outcome of our individual contributions, and together we appreciate and celebrate our success. Through our Operating Values – our guiding principles – we will be the best team of Service Professionals in the hospitality industry.

OUR MISSION: What will get us there?
It is our mission to identify areas of opportunity to improve our performance, and work together to strengthen the best practices of our organization. Through effective and consistent reporting, we advance our understanding of leading performance indicators, and we take action to prevent performance slip. On our journey, we develop our talented employees to be prepared for their next career opportunity, and commit time and resources to create such opportunities for them. We focus on guest satisfaction, the condition of our hotels and our financial effectiveness to achieve our primary hotel performance goals. We will share our talents and hard work with the hospitality industry in any location, with any hotel brand, in an effort to grow our organization and improve the hospitality industry worldwide.

OPERATING VALUES: How will we get there?
Celebrate our Guests – We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards in all we say and do. Our interactions with guests are always sincere, helpful and pleasant.

Work Positively – We help each other contribute to positive and ever-improving work environments.

Manage Collaboratively – We recognize that we don’t always have the best answers, or the greatest strengths. We work with our counterparts within the organization to find the best practices we need for the challenge at hand.

When You Grow, I Grow – We help each other get better in everything we do. When we find an opportunity for a team member to improve, we share our thoughts and offer friendly support and helpful knowledge.

Own the Outcome – We are accountable for our own actions, behaviors and outcomes. We all own the performance of our team.