Hotel Services Group, LLC

The HSG leadership team has been through the trenches in the hotel business. From Limited Service to Full Service, Mid-Scale to Spa/Resorts. We’ve mixed drinks, flipped mattresses, made beds, served breakfast, won awards, undergone PiPs, built hotels, bought and sold them. We all have our strengths, and we work collaboratively to achieve our goals. We cut as much red tape as we can and keep all communications relevant. We’re the ones who always wanted it done right, yet willing to accept responsibility when something fell through; always moving forward with a lesson learned.

There have been some organizational changes within Hotel Services Group and we are currently updating this page.

Please check back for our updated bios soon! 





Northwest Washington developer and general contractor since 1982. Owner M&H Contracting LLC, as well as multiple co-ownerships in multiple business interests, including hotel investments.