Quality and Communications Manager


Hospitality is very dependent on human capital. If unchecked, it can also become an environment overwhelmed by a high volume of tasks, dynamic people and endless flows of information. Soraya is the organizational ninja that pulls information and resources into alignment with our goals and objectives.

For 8 years in the United States Navy, Soraya Snipes served our country from around the globe, concluding her career as a Petty Officer on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier where she led the Avionics and Armament Systems Maintenance team that was responsible for the repair of various electronic components necessary to keep US Naval Aircraft in the air. After choosing honorable discharge in December 2014, she immediately joined HSG as Executive Assistant to the President, and quickly became the natural go-to person for the entire organization by triaging calls, doing analysis work and developing new workflows along the way.

Since 2015, Soraya has held the current position of Quality and Communications Director through which she has developed HSG’s Site Visit program and a whole new level of performance and operational consistency for our portfolio. Each month, Soraya examines each hotel property with a critical eye that extends beyond our hotel brands’ Quality Evaluation inspections. She helps ensure that the back-of-house areas of hotels are consistent with owners’ expectations, and that the hotel is compliant with local and regional jurisdictions such as L&I, Department of Health, recordkeeping, safety and security, elevator permits, and a long checklist of other things. Soraya also trains our General Managers on accounting and other Standard Operating Procedures to help support and enable their success.

Soraya is HSG’s primary liaison with our Accounting Consultant and its bookkeepers; she manages all communications between internal and external parties, develops operating policies and documentation, and much more. All hotel owner reports flow through Soraya’s office. In addition to capital expense requests, she is available to quickly respond to requests for reports or other information from our hotel owners. Some other areas under Soraya’s command are employee benefits, the timekeeping system and IT.

Soraya has bolstered her impressive leadership and gained strong organizational skills through her service in the US Navy. She has an Associate’s Degree in Accounting from Pioneer Pacific College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business Management from Northwest Christian University. Soraya is also a Six Sigma Yellow Belt. She lives in Mount Vernon with her husband Keith and their toddler son.