New HSG Position Created: Sr. Director of Hotel Performance

We are excited to announce the creation of a new position at HSG: Senior Director of Hotel Performance.  Mark Bentley is new to our organization and excited to take on the new role.  He is in the process of moving to the Pacific Northwest after spending a few years in Hawaii.

A large part of Mark’s role at HSG will be to make sure that the process of continuous improvement never slows down.  From his Mount Vernon office, he will be identifying areas of opportunity in the way we work, how we spend money and where …generally all areas that ensure that things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible at all our managed hotels.  Mark will not only draw upon his many years of experience as a hotel/resort controller, but a wide range of other disciplines that will bring fresh new thought to the group.  In the longer term, Mark’s contributions and our collaborative effort will deliver greater value to our hotel owners and an accelerant to our mission to identify areas of opportunity to improve our performance, and work together to strengthen the best practices of our organization.

We look forward to learning and growing through Mark’s contributions and to see where his work will amplify our portfolio’s performance.  We have already discussed a variety of new topics that will deliver greater value to our owners, and also to our guests – efforts that will enable our Key Team Members to spend more time delivering excellent guest experiences throughout our portfolio of nine hotels.