Managed Services

Hotel Services Group is a hotel management company that provides solutions for hotel owners and interests.  Our clients have high expectations for the performance of their hotel assets, and with the deployment of industry best practices, we build confidence that each property is optimized to maximize Net Operating Income.

Our Managed Services cover every aspect of the hotel operation.  Some examples include full-service financial accounting and payroll, human resources management, sales/marketing and revenue management, and a variety of efficiency programs tailored to each department.

Taking the first step

Making the decision to hire a Hotel Management Company is an important one, and it can be difficult.  How do you know this company will care about your hotel asset as much as you do?  How do you know you’ll be getting our full attention, passion for success, or that we’ll take initiative to anticipate performance slip before it stings?  That’s the journey, and the step we encourage you to take today.  Making that phone call to HSG doesn’t tell us you’re ready to make that decision, it may simply mean that you’re interested in making a change in the way your hotel is managed, or interested in seeing what someone else will do to maximize your bottom line.  On the other hand, maybe you’d like to spend more time with friends and family and transition from active involvement in with your hotel.  Most important to you, no doubt, is “who will do the best job?

Let’s start here:  Consider a growing management company that is relatively fresh, but not new to hospitality …a hotel management company that respects and deploys best demonstrated industry practices, but not blindly.  Consider also a management company that is hungry for success and regards the performance of its current hotel portfolio as it’s greatest asset.  It’s true!  Hotel Services Group does believe that our experience is our greatest asset, and this means we’re working to enhance our resume every single day through our managed properties.

The beauty of our approach is not that we micromanage or have this need to touch every element of a hotel operation.  Not at all.  We hire good people and work with them to embrace the policies and procedures we develop to create success.  These policies and procedures are carefully designed to stabilize work flows and human effort so our management teams can do what’s most important and be active and present in the hotel.  Yes, there’s a lot more!  We have a presence at our hotels on a regular basis, we are backed by a strong Finance and Accounting team and… well, maybe this is not the best place to lay out our formula for success!

The point at this stage is this:  If HSG is hired to manage a hotel, and we do a great job, it’s good for our resume and our growth opportunity.  Yes, we’re motivated to grow our business through your success.

Okay, you ready?  Give Len a call today at 360.333.0860, or send a quick email.  I bet we have a lot to talk about!


Hotel Services Group is a single solution that meets an array of hotel ownership needs.

  • Feasibility, Design and Brand
    Selection Services
  • Site Groundwork and Full
    Construction Services
  • Pre-Opening Turnkey Services
  • Hospitality Management Services
  • Property Improvement (PIP)
  • Property Sale and Liquidation

Push returns with:

  • Revenue Management and Leveraged SalesForce
  • Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Housekeeping Department Training and Efficiency
  • Annual Operations Budgeting and Accountability
  • Capital Expense Planning